Autobiography Essay for International College Application

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Personal information and extra-curricular activities I am good at many fields and have been involved in various kinds of extra-curricular activities. I love to sing and I have been in chorus since third grade in elementary school. I am now in a special class for chorus in Taipei Municiple Zhongshan Girls High School and our chorus has won many awards in different competitions. Besides music, I have also been good at sports since elementary school, when I attended many running events and city wide competitions. Aside from activities in school, I had been a dancer for more than ten years until I decided to focus on the preparation for the Basic Examination for entering high school. I have tried different activities in various fields, which …show more content…
This is why I believe being an international student in the University of Hong Kong should not be hard for me. Moreover, having spending a year in an English speaking country and studying in a normal high school instead of a language institution, I had overcome the obstacles of learning in a non-native language. In fact, I did well academically in Charles O. Dickerson High School in the U.S.. Aside from academic success, I have also realized that I must work hard so that I can obtain the dream career I have in mind. Last but not least, having an abundance of free time after school during the year in the U.S., I gradually came to realize that I am a person full of curiosity to things happening around me, and that is what motivates me to study and explore.

Chosen curriculum Three curricula I chose in the application form include the Bachelor of Biomedical Science, the Bachelor of Science, and the Bachelor of Science and Education. Being a biomedical scientist is one career I would love to pursue. The reason the Bachelor of Biomedical Science is my first choice lies in my strong interest in human body. I noticed that there are diverse courses about cells, which I can’t wait to know about. I would love to take part in the research for brain illness or cancer curing in the future, so I think taking Biomedical Science will be my top choice. I want to be a scientist and I know that scientists cannot walk alone. Our individual knowledge is inextricably bound to

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