Essay on "Babylon Revisited"

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In a person’s life, his/her history can have a significant impact on his present and future. Every person has a different attitude toward her/his past. Some people are trying to ignore or escape their past and to create a bright future; others prefer to immerse themselves in the memories of their past. The best approach is to remember the past mistakes and learn from them for a better future. In the story “Babylon revisited “ each of the main characters deals with their past in a different way. Charlie is trying to move on in his life, but his past creep back to him. Honoria, his daughter lives the present. She is missing him and wants to leave with him. The only person, who remains and remembers vividly the past, is Marion, who is the …show more content…
Charlie's past always pops back up to hunt him, and he can not escape it; he tries to change, but not enough. Honoria is innocent; she thinks more about the present and hopes for a good future with her father. Honoria wants to go with her father, and she does not understand why she does not live with him. Honoria is a little girl, and she is not aware of her fathers’ drinking problem. Honoria asks her father:“Why do not I live with you? …Because mama’s dead?". She feels sorry for the fact that, not only she lost her mother; she has to be away from him too. Honoria lives the present; she believes and trust her father. She does not thinks or care much about the past; she believes she can have a bright future along with her father. Honoria trusts and love her father that make him good feeling. She missed him, and at this point she has truly narrow perspective. She does not look much in the past; all what she cares is about the present and future with devotion to her father. On the other hand, Marion immerse in the negative memories of the past. Marion does not believe in changes. She believes that, what happened in the past will happen times and again forever. Unlike Honoria, Marion has negative feelings towards Charlie; she hates him. She is also envy of him, because he always had more money than her family. Marion fears, that Charlie will be drunk again, and she does not want Honoria to live with drunkenness around her. Charlie says

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