"Bean Counter": Analysis of Television Commercial for Apple Essay

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Successful product advertisement relies upon the use of images and ideas that are easily recognizable by modern audiences and express a common point of view. Companies often use cultural stereotypes, exaggerated characters, and iconic representations of larger social groups to quickly and effectively portray a message about their product and the type of people who use it. Apple, the makers of Macintosh computers and electronics, use familiar stereotypes of computer users to appeal to their target demographic and increase the appeal of the items they are trying to sell. By using actors with distinct and contrasting actors to represent different types of computers, Apple projects its message onto a larger cultural scale and turns its …show more content…
The commercial is claiming that Windows, makers of the PC, funnels all of their money into publicizing their newest operating system and spends nothing on fixing any of the nonspecific problems it is accused of having. The characteristics of of greed over money and ignorance to the needs of consumers is often applied to businessmen such as the “PC,” and Apple’s young-adult viewer demographic would be culturally conditioned to accept the executive as an archetypically negative and oppressive image. The commercial’s second character, symbolizing the “Mac” computer, is a well-dressed man in his twenties with a modern haircut, jeans, and a comparatively deeper voice than his counterpart. The role of the “Mac” in the advertisement is to point out the flaws and foolishness of the “PC’s” actions, skeptically questioning if “that [little] amount of money is really going to help fix Vista.” Apple posits in its ad that there are two types of computer users: the stodgy business profiteers of older age brackets and the young, hip, liberal artists of today. The “Mac” represents the new generation of professionals that Apple is aiming to attract and on whose business the company depends, using a youthful and relatable character to embody Mac owners. The “PC” has a relatively high, emasculate voice and amorphous body shape that signify a lack of confidence and authority. The “Mac,” however, demonstrates all of the markers of

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