Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder... or is it? Essay examples

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Your body is a battleground, and every calorie you gain is a new war. This is the message that the media seems to be sending to teens and adolescents everywhere. Our perception of beauty has changed drastically in the past few decades. Now, we do not think of people of all different shapes and sizes as being beautiful and unique. Instead, we picture tall and slender women with beautiful skin and shiny hair as well as tall, muscular men… the ones we see in magazines and billboards. Teens are bombarded with these kinds of images each day and what many don’t realize is that the images of the models and celebrities we see have a whole crew working to make them look that way. The influence of the media starts early with Bratz and Barbie …show more content…
The body that seems so perfect and so desirable is actually not at all. In fact, according to, if they were to be the size of real people, most doll and action figures would have so little internal fat that they would not have enough room for their kidneys and large intestines. If Barbie were a real person, her measurements would be 38-18-34.” Comparatively, the average woman’s measurements are approximately 41-34-43—only about one in 100,000 women even come close to matching Barbie’s body image. In addition to this, in 1965, Mattel came out with a “Slumber Party Barbie”. The doll also came with a book entitled “How to Lose Weight,” and inside this book it gave the advice: “Don’t eat”. This message may be the lead to a disastrous choice that these children can make as they become teens: eating disorders. As our society emphasizes this negativity toward fat and obesity, while showing us stick-thin, airbrushed models as the ideal body image, it’s actually causing depression, dieting behaviors, and eating disorders. In almost every womans’ magazine, there is information about how to lose weight, accompanied by a picture of a beautiful, flawless woman. For instance, in an entry from Vogue, there is an advertisement for diet pills that reads, “If you are overweight, this is the simplest solution to becoming thin. Once you lose those extra pounds, all your problems will seem to have

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