Belize Essay

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Belize is a small country, on the Caribbean Sea, between Mexico and Guatemala. With a total land area of about 8,800 square miles, Belize is slightly smaller than Massachusetts.1 Belize is subject to frequent hurricanes and coastal flooding. The country has one of the higher population growth rates of Central America at 2.154%, and a total population of 307,899. 2 Belize is composed of mostly flat, swampy coastal plains, with some low mountainous regions in the south. The climate is tropical, characterized by very hot and humid alternating rain and dry seasons. Belize attracts tourism to its 240 miles of coastline which is characterized by crystal clear waters and diver attracting reef system. Belize offers a diverse eco-system, as well as …show more content…
This focus on commercial profiteering in Belize dominated the interactions between Britain and the citizens of Belize. Although slavery was outlawed by England in 1833, various phases of indentured servitude prevailed. This legalization of poor worker treatment was perpetuated by laws that structured the employee/ employer relationship as first an apprentice style relationship. Later evolutions of labor laws took the stance of pro employer, over the needs of the laborer. Various laws effectively made it illegal for a worker to breach a contract. In 1931, Governor Sir John Burdon rejected proposed legalization of trade unions and also the introduction of a minimum wage or injury insurance. The riots and demonstrations that ensued gave rise to labor advocacy groups that lobbied for worker’s rights.5 Subsequent agitations by labor groups led to many labor reforms. With solidification into a unified organization the People’s United Party (PUP) was formed in 1950. The PUP continued to advocate workers’ rights, but soon shifted focus toward the lessening of British rule. Advocating a more independent role of self-governance Belize was granted full-fledged independence on September 21, 1981. Leadership of the country has passed between the PUP and the United Democratic Party (UDP) since. Recent discontent with the PUP over tax increases and corruption have allowed the UDP to gain power on an anti-corruption platform. Belize remains a member of the Commonwealth of

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