Ben-hur Essay

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Ben-Hur was transformed from bible scripture to a movie

because it is the most read scripture in the Bible. The

scripture tells the story of a man, Judah Ben-Hur, who

trades his life as the prince of Jerusalem with the life of a

slave. The story tells of his journeys and triumphs as a slave.

The story starts with the five wise men as their journey to

find Jesus. When they arrive in Bethlehem they come bearing

gifts for the newborn king. After the birth of Jesus the movie

changes to two Roman soldiers who are in a meeting.

One of the soldiers, Tribune Musala, is an old friend of

Judah. Judah comes in and meets with Musala and invites

him to his home for dinner and to see his family. Musala tells

Judah how the Romans will
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of the other slaves pass out due to the rigors of the test,

however Judah withstands the test and wins. As they are

going into battle Arius has a guard unchain Judah. The boat

is rammed and Judah escapes from the galley and sees Arius

get knocked into the water. Judah saves Arius and the two

watch the boat sink as they float on a piece of wood.

The next day a Roman boat saves the two. Arius tells all on

the boat that Judah saved his life. When they return to land

Arius plea's with the Roman government to free Judah. They

the give Judah to Arius to do with him as he wishes. Arius

then has a celebration where he gives Judah a family ring and

asks him to be his adopted son. He also makes Judah the

sole heir to his land and possessions. A few weeks after the

ceremony Judah tells Arius that he wishes to return to


On his journey back to Jerusalem Judah crosses paths with

an Arab who he makes friends with and agrees to race for

them in the Circus. Judah and the Arab enjoy a fulfilling meal

and at the end to show delight they belch. The better the

belch the better the meal.

When he returns home he finds Esther and her father. Her

father was tortured by the Romans to find out where Judah's

fortune is hidden. The old man does not give in and is

tortured so that he can no longer walk.

Judah meets with Musala and orders him to find his mother

and sister. He also challenges Musala to race

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