Essay on Black Women clubs of denver

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In this study you asked us to look more closely at the plight of African American women of the west and their impact on the community in which they lived. I found that most of the articles assigned were of little help in achieving this objective, in that a large amount of the articles did not give much mention of the effects of these women on their communities. However, I was able to find little bits of helpful information in each article and with the help of the article “Lifting as We Climb” (which held the most valuable information), I was able to formulate the following analyze.
     African American women that are focused on in the article “Lifting as We Climb”, I believe, give a fairly accurate overview of
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Though many similar clubs also sprang up, for the most part they were all similar in structure. Candidates had to have “willing hands,” a “desire to help others,” and an eagerness “to do something for the race-especially the children.” This will not be the last time the importance black females placed on children in the community will be established. Since African American women were looking to improve the overall perception of black women, it was important that member were persons of “high moral character.”
     Another primary objective of the clubs was to give assistance to the community, especially on a case to case basis, based on the needs of individuals brought to the attention of the club members. Prime examples of this would be persons who were impoverished, sick, or in trouble. However, I found an interesting anomaly in this part of the article. If one of the primary goals of the clubs was to give assistance to the community, and it was unrealistic to believe that the clubs could help everybody that approached them, then how did the different clubs decide on which case would be receiving aid and which would not be. I found that sometime the clubs would send “emissaries” (for lack of a better word), to find out whether or not the unfortunate cases “really needed help.” There are even documented cases of sick

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