Book Review of Pioneers of Drance in the New World by Francis Parkman Jr.

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In his book, Pioneers of France in the New World, Francis Parkman Jr., mentions a historical account of early Spanish including accounts of French. In essence the book is broken up into two main parts the Spanish (chapter I-X) French (Chapters I – XVII). “The story of New France opens with a tragedy”[1 pp 3], blood and fury would soon break out over Europe, with political and religious enmities and would soon travel over the Atlantic and concentrate in the vast new lands of Florida. Contact between the Huguenots (members of the protestant reformed church of France) and Spanish was not a pretty one, with two religions and egocentrism being th main causes of the conflict. The beginning of the Pioneers of France in the New World first few …show more content…
Pioneers of France was written in 1865, during this time there was little to no history of the back woods on the French; during this, if one looked at a map from when Francis Parkman was born till his death, it was mainly Spanish dominated. Francis Parkman Jr. life heavily influence his decision on writing about back woods history; born on the 16th September, 1823 [2] he was sent to live with his paternal grandfather who owned a 3000-arce ranch. While there he would learn and live how to be a true pioneer, returning at the age of 16 he would attend Harvard. Although his family saw his line of work as ungentlemanly he still went about studying the French, Spanish, English, and Indians through back woods history. Pioneers of France in the New World, was an extraordinary book of its time and is still seen today as a form of historical evidence; Francis Parkman Jr. was not just informative but he did undertook the great task of studying and exploring evidence to recreate what happened in history. Truly amazing are the histories of the time, in 1865 there was more of a Spanish presence and influence in the United States than there was French, and many multitudes of volumes were written on the Spanish Empire as well as

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