Can Woman Really Fly? Essay

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Can Woman Really Fly?

There are many readings that easily correlate in the long history of atomic weaponry, but the one article that stood out in terms of its context would be Joseph J. Corn article entitles Making Flying “Thinkable”: Women Pilots and the Selling of Aviation. Unlike the others readings, like that from Bush and Rentezi, Corn’s article correlates more to aviation than the atom. The main point of Corn’s article is that women were extremely important in terms of aviation and without there involvement aviation would not be what it is today. This main point is expressed by a quote from Corn in the last paragraph of the article, “women pilots of the late twenties and thirties was the first to
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558). There was also the notion that a normal person could not be in an airplane, but an “intrepid birdmen” (Corn, pg. 558) could. All of theses sources lead to the ideal that many believed that aviation was just not for the general public. There are definitely strengths seen by Corn’s point that helps his main point seem reliable. They help the audience see that aviation is far different to what it is today, giving the notion that woman played a huge role in changing this outlook of aviation that the public had. The only weakness that is present in this section has to deal the articles lack of primary source. With the lack of primary sources it makes Corn’s first point less believable since you have to believe in Corn’s research and sources in terms of how the people felt in terms of aviation. The only concrete example used was from that of the birdman, which happens to be a popular magazine at that time, that talked about the characteristics of aviators. The next point presented by Corn revolved around women involvement in the aviation world. The central theme of having women in aviation was to make it look safe for the general public, “Nothing impresses the safety of aviation on the public quite so much as to see a woman flying a plane” (Corn, pg. 559). The gender game was played so as to convince men that if a woman could do it, it could not be that hard. In this part of the article we also start to

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