Essay about Castro Street Under the Spotlight

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Castro street, a street that is located in the heart of San Francisco City and starts from Waller and Divisadero streets on the north, running down southwards through Noe Valley and the 24th Street up to its intersection with the Glen Park to the farthest end, is a domiciliary name not only in expansive city of San Francisco but virtually in all parts of the world. The young, old, rich and poor all talk about the San Francisco’s street and its sprawling gay communities within the business district for one reason or the other despite it having the same fundamentals as any other street. However, its history affects its unique appearance and its connection to the gay community. It is this popularity that the street enjoys, of being noticed …show more content…
Currently, the street is the only living embodiment of transgender, bisexual, gay and lesbian events and activism in the world and judging from the highflying rainbow flags that symbolizes gay culture, the street is marred with homosexual activities thereof the majority of the people frequenting the street and its vicinity are gay, lesbians, and bisexuals. It is worth mentioning that I found people’s styles and looks weird being that it was unusual for me to see men wearing make-ups, holding each other’s hands or wearing women’s clothes in the open. Castro Street’s history grabbed the largest groups of gay people to it and affects its unique appearance. This is one location where the gay community feels at liberty to express their uniqueness and culture on the gay practice (Bing 66). Castro Street is very diverse because it accommodates young, old, gay, straight and active businessmen. Due to this the street has benefited economically through increased profits on local and international tourism. The large numbers of gay people have embraced festivals, carnivals and street dances that celebrate their liberty as gay people. This alone has attracted tourists around the world who share the same sentiments to come and enjoy the festival. On the other hand the businessmen and the locals of Castro Street have enjoyed the

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