Essay on Century Medical Case

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Case Background
This case is about the development of new technology at Century Medical – a large medical products company based in Connecticut. For the past few years, the company had made significant progress by integrating technology into its systems and processes.

Sam Nolan is the Chief Information Officer at Century Medical. He has been working with Century Medical for the past 4 years. He has taken initiatives and led projects to design and implement various systems for Century Medical.

One of them was a benefits-administration system for the HR department of the company. The other was a web-based purchasing system that improved the purchasing of supplies and capital goods. These new systems automated the various office
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He was not a great technology enthusiast and considered Sam Nolan’s project a waste of time and money. He believed that something like recruitment that required people interactions had to be dealt with on a personal basis.
Tom Carr disapproved several new features that were suggested by the project team. He even barred the project team to gather inputs from the prospective users of the new system. This restriction had a potential of affecting the very design and quality of the system to be built.

This unsupportive behaviour of Tom Carr initiated the problems for Sam Nolan and his team.
The case is an example of people’s unawareness about the role technology can play in today’s organisations. The case can be analysed by

 Analysing the various benefits of an advanced web-based system
 Balanced score card approach
System Benefits

The various benefits that a web-based system, like the one proposed by Sam Nolan, can bring to the organization are as under –

 Sam Nolan’s internal job posting system uses the intranet of the company with artificial intelligence software over it.
 The system would link managers, internal recruiters and job applicants via a common platform for information exchange.
 This would strengthen the internal coordination within the company.
 The system would also fasten and simplify the company’s recruitment procedure by allowing the

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