Child Psychology Essay

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The strengths-based approach can be applied to many different content domains, and when applied to such a domain, the strengths-based approach can often result in a positive outcome—often times an outcome which is more desirable to a deficits-based approach. One of the domains the authors (Maton, et al. 2004) examined was in competence-based prevention. The deficits-based approach would navigate in competence-based prevention by treating the already identified problems (2004), whereas the strengths-based approach would look to build these competencies up in order to stop these problems from ever surfacing (2004). For example, a deficits-based approach would look at a child who is misbehaving and performing poorly academically and look …show more content…
That isn’t to say that the promotion of overall wellness isn’t necessary, because the strengths-based approach will result in healthier individuals overall. The next content domain examined by the authors (2004) is the area of community psychology. This is an area where the deficits-based approach doesn’t appear to have a logical, productive place, unlike the deficits-based approaches contained in the previous two content domains. The deficits-based approach to community psychology would look to ignore the social environment’s role in causing problems, and seeks to blame the victim for anything that has gone wrong (2004). This is in direct opposition to the strengths-based approach which seeks to change the environments to provide more positive ancillary support for the persons contained in it, while also empowering groups lacking power within it (2004). An impoverished, high-crime neighborhood provides a good example to show the contrast the two approaches: A deficits-based approach would look at the homeless citizens of the neighborhood who are substance with the mentality that they should just quit using drugs and go find a job, where a strengths-based approach would examine the reasons for the homeless persons situation, recognizing that poverty is a factor that affects both physical and psychological well-being. Family

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