Childhood Obesity Essay

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I’m sure you have heard in one way or another about America’s health problems. Many have seen it, others have dealt with it and a few are trying to better this problem. Overweight and obese children have become more prevalent throughout the years.
In 1980, surveys showed that only 5% of children were obese or overweight. Now that percentage has more than tripled at a high 17.9% (Center For Disease Control and Pervention). I believe that a simple change could be the solution to this problem. I believe that by simply increasing funds given to schools can help them provide healthier food and will make them able to start new and more advanced health courses that begin early in a child’s life.

This many seem like a problem based
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It is important that we try to prevent this from occurring by starting off healthy and staying that way. I believe that my solution will work for various reasons. The first reason I believe my solution will work is because healthier food in schools is an important contributor to the health of child; "Nutrition clearly has a major impact on children—on their health, their ability to learn, and on their potential for becoming healthy and productive adults. School meals make an important contribution to the nutrition of school-aged children."(United States Department of Agriculture; FNS). Studies have shown that
2 out of 3 students eat a National School Lunch Program provided meal. Students who eat a school provided lunch consume on average, 40-120 more calories than a student that who eat a meal from home (Schanzenbach). That may not seem like much but in just one school year, consisting of 180 days, a student who eats a school provied lunch will have consumed up to
7,200-21,600 more calories than a student who doesn't. Increaseing funds givin to schools to support their school lunch programs can help them provide healthier food for students. The healthier food will then decrease the probability of a child becoming overweight or obese.

Although diet is an esential part in staying healthy, children need to be tought why being healthy is relevent to our lives. I believe that if schools had more health classes the obesity rates of

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