Chopin, Mallard, and Calixta - Feminists? Essay

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Let us start with Chopin herself. Without going into too much detail Kate Chopin was, for all practical purposes raised by her maternal great-grandmother. She was raised as a Catholic, took daily music lessons and was told somewhat adult stories by her great-grandmother spinning the local gossip regarding the founders of St. Louis that seemed to greatly influence the writings of Kate.

At maturity, at the age 18 Kate married Oscar Chopin who was considered loquacious by most accounts and amicable to all. After a torrential (The Storm?) rainstorm destroyed the local cotton industry in New Orleans where our young Oscar was a successful broker, the couple moved and opened up a general store when shortly after, Oscar died. Kate was
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She was not only finding but practicing a sexual liberation of sort. You can see that an interplay was happening and that interplay was not only between characters on paper but also in a society that was growing and evolving so fast at the end of the 1800's it was starting to leave congeniality and convention behind, only to be practiced by the most modest of society. As Bob Dylan has said, `The times they are a-changin'. So it started, although slowly, but growing with the momentum of a boulder down a mountain.

What we see here is that Chopin does have a feminist state of mind, but not an in your face type of feminism. I can see that Chopin wanted her readers to question and to analyze the fact that women and men have great difficulty in trying to live together as a couple in a close relationship but also with a inner need to be individuals. The men in the story are just a vehicle that makes the process that turns the feelings of these women into actions whether they were intellectual actions or a physical action such as those taken by Mrs. Mallard and Calixta respectively. When we think realistically we can see that both Mrs. Mallard and Calixta both love their husbands. Mrs. Mallard nearly fainted after hearing the news of her husband premature demise, and Calixta certainly did welcome and was quite pleased with the safe return of her husband and child bearing the shrimps after the storm. These women were thinking and feeling

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