Essay on Chores Teach Children Responsibility

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Children need to learn responsibility at an early age. It is something that can be taught to them by implementing small changes into their routine. These changes will help instill pride and the idea of accomplishment. Once present, they will want to continue this positive feedback, which in turn will teach them responsibility. Chores teach children responsibility. The chores should be age appropriate. As the children mature, the chores they receive can become more complicated. These chores should vary, in order to teach the children different skills and to maintain fairness, if a parent has more than one child. By accomplishing their tasks, children will gain self-confidence and responsibility. In addition, there are …show more content…
Encouraging your children to help is more important in the long run than a perfectly folded washcloth or perfectly made bed. While helping your child with a task may take more time and effort than doing the job yourself, you are teaching your child valuable life skills. It is important that parents model a positive attitude about helping around the house. While you do not have to pretend to love cleaning the bathrooms, share with children the satisfaction you feel when you have completed the task. When parents complain about housework, they are teaching their children to dislike chores. However, children need to understand that housework and chores are a part of life. Work side by side with your children and try to have a little fun while doing housework. Singing songs together can really make the time doing chores more enjoyable. Those seven dwarfs were really onto something when they whistled while they worked. Many parents do not expect their children to do chores at all. They feel it is not worth the agony of trying to get their children to do it. These parents are not teaching their children responsibilities that they will need when they enter into adulthood. A nice way for this type of parent is to teach children responsibility through caring for a pet or plant. By getting them a pet, you teach them that this living creature depends on them to survive. The parent or parents will get the food, supplies, and

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