Essay about Civic Engagement

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Civic Engagement
Activities and philosophies that advocate for the connecting of communities with socially sentient beliefs and actions is what have come to be referred to as civic engagement. They are thus individual or collective actions aimed at addressing issues that are deemed to be of public concern. They can be manifested in many ways including; public service, civil activity, service-learning, crusading and advocacy to mention but a few as the list is endless.
Behind the civic engagement are several causes. These vary with the purpose and cause of the engagement. In most cases though, they are meant to ensure that all participant receive meaningful service and experiences. This has been there since time in memorial. Stokely in
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In the Women’s country, the women were in search of preservation. To this end, they also engaged into personal initiatives as this was characterized by undertaking tasks like education. We see some of the members of the country undertaking advanced courses in an attempt to develop themselves and ensure the preservation of their future generations. The men on the other hand have taken up civil engagements to ensure that they remain supreme and as so preserve themselves. This has been through having them taken up warrior roles within the society from a very tender age. They have also taken up sole roles in the quest for self-preservation. Chernon is seen taking sole responsibility to infiltrate the women dominion by deceit so as to be able to know how to grip the administrative power away from the women.
This concept is further promulgated by their efforts to try and raise a violence free society. This can be termed as the need to eradicate violence was ignited by the realization by the Women’s Country members that their present state was precipitated by the violent past of their culture, as such for the sake of self-preservation and the preservation of future generations.
This is further initiated through selective bleeding. This can be realized as a civic engagement as it instills notions in the participants that selective breeding could raise a desired society at their

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