Classical Social Theory Essay

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Classical social theory tends to exclude women from the social analysis of the modern world. Consider women were not social agents. Classical social theory embodied by the work of authors such Marx, Durkheim, Weber and Simmel. In support of this, Durkheim claim that men were product of society, whereas women belonged to nature, (Harrington: 2005, p.236).feminist social to challenge the ideals of Classical social theory embraces the post-enlightenment principles, focusing on values associated to “difference”, “particularism” and “specificity” . In order to do so, feminist social theory has been fed by feminist theories, which have similar concern about the study of social world, as both highlight the absence of women's figure in modern …show more content…
Moreover, men violence is usually understood as individual isolated act, whereas it cannot be explained outside patriarchal structure (Walby; 1990, p. 129). However, violence toward women has frequently been trivialized until the extend that a women raped by their husband was not consider a rape, or illegal, but officials statistics show that women are more likely to be abused or murder by a relative than a stranger (Newburgh;2013,p.52) Furthermore, the state intervention has created new measures to combat female harassment, however, such social policies and laws remain still weak and ineffective (Walby; 1990, p. 21).It is difficult to affirm that male violence rates have decreased, however feminist movement has changed social response to it (Saul,2003,p.50)
Male dominated relation in the household is seen by feminist social theory as another patriarchy structure. Such approach holds that traditional family is an institution shaped to impoverish and disadvantage women in order to maintain stability and social order (Saul, 2003, p.5). Accordingly, feminist social theory explains that man expropriates the household labour of woman, and provides her maintenance (Walby; 1990, p. 129). Such view is related to Marxist Feminism, which emphasises

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