Essay about Cloning

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Cloning our society

It is hard to say if cloning is an answer to a problem or just another problem for the human race. There have been books, movies, and even stories about mankind creating their own species of humans. A good example of what could happen if mankind learns to clone itself is Mary Shelly's' Frankenstein, a classic novel demonstrating what could happen when mankind takes the power of "God" in our own hands. Cloning is physically a new science but ethically is a century old debate.
A clone is a group of genetically identical cells that are borrowed from a single cell by asexual methods and used to create a new cell identical to the first ones. Cloning happens everyday in the human body, muscle creates more
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The founder of the religion, which has about 50,000 members, Rael was born to the name Claude Vorilhon. Rael has set up a corporation named Clonaid, which was founded three years ago with the specific intent of cloning humans. The company plans on charging 200,000 dollars for each cloned baby. They see nothing wrong with this morally and will begin their first project soon. "…The first baby would be the "genetic twin" of a 10-month old baby girl who died following an accident. The baby's parents, a wealthy American couple, will pay one million dollars to finance the first attempt". (National Geographic Society)
Clonaid plans on making this service available to anyone who can afford it and especially to homosexuals, infertile couples, and couples who have lost a child. Although it appears that they are attempting to provide a good-deed service to people who need it, some experts do disagree. Dr. Stephen Post, an ethicists at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, said: "The Venture violates several ethical principles…Cloning Dolly took 277 attempts, that means there were 276 failures. In human terms that means putting both the "gestating fetus" and the surrogate mother at risk for harm as the result of multiple miscarriages. The premise that one can replace a person with a clone is false because the cloned baby would

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