Colonial America: Settlements, Systems, Heads of Society Essay

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The Virginia Company, a joint stock company, received a charter from King James I in 1606 with the intention of making a settlement in the New World. The charter of the Virginia Company guaranteed the settlers the same rights of Englishmen back in England. On May 24, 1607 105 English settlers, all of them men, landed to settle Jamestown. Jamestown, named in honor of King James I, became the English settlement in the New World. Virginia was founded to offer and expand a market for trade, profit from land sales and give English territorial claims to America. Jamestown became a successful tobacco producing and shipping colony.

Mayflower Compact, Plymouth, Pilgrims, Puritans, Calvinism:

The Mayflower Compact was an
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Anne Hutchinson, antinomianism, Roger Williams, Quakers, William Penn:

Anne Hutchinson was a religious leader who founded antinomianism, the belief that Christians are not bound by moral law. Antinomianism was high heresy. Hutchinson was accused of blasphemy, lack of reverence for God. Her belief in antinomianism caused her to be banished from the colony of Massachusetts. She eventually moved to Roger Williams' colony of Rhode Island, which was a haven for all religious backgrounds such as Quakers. Williams was a clergyman who founded the colony of Rhode Island in 1636. Williams was banished from Massachusetts for his belief in religious freedom. Rhode Island was religiously tolerant. Williams even sheltered the abused Quakers, although he disagreed with their views. Quakers believed that God in present in everyone and that everyone may perceive the word of God in their soul. Pennsylvania, founded by William Penn in 1681, was also a haven for Quakers. Penn embraced the Quaker faith when he was only sixteen. He managed to secure a vast amount of land from the King. He was eager to establish a refuge for his people and hoped to experiment with liberal ideas and make a profit. Penn’s treatment of the Natives was very kind that Quakers were able to walk through Indian territory without any fear.

King Philip’s War, New England Confederation:

The New England Confederation was an agreement among the New England Colonies. It consisted of the two

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