Comparing Characters in The Help and Macbeth Essay

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Over the course of the Grade 10 year, I had the wonderful opportunity to read a few texts, including plays, poems and books. These readings included two very interesting novels/plays, “The Help” and “Macbeth”, that each had different plots, but many similar characters. Within the novel “The Help” there was Aibileen, Minny, Skeeter, Hilly Holbrook and various other characters. From Macbeth the characters most significant to the plot and journey were Banquo, Macbeth himself, Macduff and Lady Macbeth . Each and every single one of these characters had very long and eventful journeys that were lived within the texts, but the two journeys that stood out most from both of these books, and that seemed to be the most relevant to one another …show more content…
She was an arrogant and very jealous women. Hilly was the type of person that is referred to in the saying "Too much power in the wrong hands can lead to disasters". She had all the right resources but all the wrong intentions. Examples of her abusiveness can be found throughout the text in quotes like “She don't know about them sharp, shiny utensils a white lady use. About that knock on the door, late at night. That there are white men out there hungry to hear about a colored person crossing whites, read with wooden bats, matchsticks. Any little thing’ll do. (14.113)”- Aibileen. Near the end of the book, nothing really seems to change in regards to Ms. Holbrook’s thoughts on coloured people. She never really seems to understand the sins she has committed and the wrong things shes done to colored folks. Her journey through the books remains basically the same throughout, from start to finish she was a consistently racist, evil women.

Although Lady Macbeth's life was lived more on the edge, her journey was quite similar to Hilly’s in a variety of aspects. To benefit herself, Lady Macbeth commits a list of sins, for herself and Macbeth, her “partner in crime”. At first, Lady Macbeth seemed just as normal as Macbeth, but as the book went on the reader was able to see the more greedy side of Lady Macbeth. She wanted to be rich and powerful so badly that she would do anything to get it. An

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