Comparing the View of Satan in Milton's Paradise Lost with Contemporary Views of Satan

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Comparing the View of Satan in Milton's Paradise Lost with Contemporary Views of Satan

In Milton's classic epic poem Paradise Lost the reader gains a judicious and even controversial vision of Satan as the protagonist of the epic. This is in direct contrast with our current idea and opinion of Satan as the leading nominal of evil and darkness.

In Milton's Paradise Lost the Prince of Darkness is our hero. Perhaps not in the true sense of the word, but rather, he is the character that the reader is able to understand. The reader can see the "human" in the fallen angel, Lucifer. Satan and his seemingly righteous battle with God are the focus of the novel. He questions the orders from one who seems to be an overbearing dictator, an
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This thus leads toward a pity toward evil in general. "This presentation is different from the original novel because it lacks the balance between the reader's like and dislike of Dracula [and Satan] throughout the story." (Berdeja-1) Both stories hold an entirely different position upon the characters of Dracula and Satan. Both are characters of evil and ones that were formed (of course looking at Satan in a strictly littoral sense at the moment) as being of evil. Yet, Coppela and Milton seem to have a sort of untamed heart for the "monster" that is at the very least, devilish. The audience is allowed to feel sympathy for these otherwise repulsive representations of evil.

In the critique of Paradise Lost by Blake Rodgers of Ohio University, the novel is stacked up against the colonization of America. Rodgers is able to make the comparison of Satan (and the rest of the demons and fallen angles) to the Puritans as they were banished from the land of England. The brave new world that is stricken by the pilgrims seeking freedom from tyranny was pointed out to be none other than Hell itself (not literally of course). One interesting observation made was the comparison of the characters in both the colonization of the America and Paradise Lost. Satan and his minions are the exiled Puritans as previously mentioned, God could be seen as England or even as the monarchy itself, and Adam and Eve as the natives of the land, AKA the American

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