Comparison: The Hymn to Demeter & Ovid's Metamorphosis Essay

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The depiction of the Greek and roman myths are given unique insights from different authors. The Hymn to Demeter and Ovid's Metamorphosis provide and insight to Demeter's love for her daughter, Persephone, and explores its affect on the surrounding environments. The theme of separation and isolation is present in both of these myths, however, in Ovid's Metamorphosis, he symbolizes the environment in important events, has characters playing different roles, and empowers female deities. In the Hymn to Demeter, the rape of Persephone starts with her picking flowers and she comes across the hundred headed narcissus which "Gaia made grow as a trick for the blushing maiden" (HHDem. 8-9). This trick is set into motion by Zeus, but since Gaia …show more content…
The most important aspect of this act is the challenge to Zeus, for he is the only one that can make any mortal into a god. However, if Demeter succeeds in making a mortal into a god, she will receive more honor, making her a more recognizable and powerful opponent to Zeus. Furthermore, Demeter is preventing Demophoön's mother from experiencing the pain that every mortal woman feels when losing a child. Soon, Demeter gets tired of both the Humans and Gods and causes a great famine for the whole world. She does this to remind the gods of her power, for she has the potential to wipe out all of the mortals, depriving the gods of their honors. Upon the noticing of Zeus, Demeter is granted any wish that she has, which leads to the return of Persephone. Nonetheless, Persephone has eaten a pomegranate, which makes her belong to the underworld. the fruit is made if seeds, which forms a perfect image of fertility and marriage. Thus, in a symbolic fashion, she accepts marriage to Hades. The means that she Persephone has to spend "the third part of the circling year beneath the circling gloom, but two parts with her mother and the other immortals" (HHDem. 446-447). In Ovid's version of the myth, the theme of separation and isolation still remains because the myth depicts Persephone picking flowers nearby a spring, an isolated space. Pluto still abducts Proserpine while she is picking her flowers. However, the hundred headed Narcissus is

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