Competition of Apple and Samsung: Which Phone Is Better? Essay

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Today the competition between communication companies is beneficial for markets and customers. Apple and Samsung companies are a good example of this competition. The competition between them has given the customers two kinds of smart phones, which are called the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3. The iPhone 5 is a series of iPhone cell phones, which is produced by Apple Company in California, U.S. Also the Galaxy S3 is a series of Galaxy cell phones, which produced by Samsung Company in Korea according to Wikipedai(march,3013). Teenagers and some adults usually use these kinds of phones. Why do they like the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3? First, these smart phones have characteristics, which grab their attention like using Internet and playing …show more content…
The IOS and the Android operation system are similar to Microsoft operation system.
The battery is one of the important factors one should worry about when deciding to buy any kind of smart phone. According Andrew (2013) the iPhone 5 has the ability to run on with using Wi-Fi for 7 hrs. continuously. In contrast to the Galaxy S3 which has the ability to stay running on while using Wi-Fi almost for 7hrs exactly for 6 hrs. and 50 min. So recharging a phone frequently will makes customers unsatisfied about the product. While some people want a smart phone with small screen size, so they are easier to carry, others who are interested in playing games and searching on Internet will prefer using a bigger screen size. According to Phonearena (2013) the iPhone 5 has 4-inch -LCD -screen size (Liquid Cristal Display). However, the Galaxy S3 has 4.8- inch -AMOLED -screen size (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting). The LCD and the AMOLED are two kinds of the displaying systems, which improve the quality of the picture when the client plays game or watches movies. What does the smart phone mean? It means fast and easy to operate more than one application, furthermore, it should be considered as a multifunctional device. So to

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