Conflicts between Characters in the Glass Menagerie Essay

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The Glass Menagerie is a tale of a family caught up in their own deep struggles and sometimes selfish dreams. Throughout this memory play, the Wingfield’s struggles and conflicts lie deep within themselves, but also with each other. Laura and Tom each have profound conflicts with their mother, Amanda. What Laura wants for herself is completely different from what Amanda wants for her, as it is with Tom and Amanda. Laura’s quiet, timid life with her glass figurines greatly differs from the vivacious, successful, gentlemen- seeking life that Amanda wishes her to pursue. And Tom wants to escape the stifling home he inhabits with his mother and sister, and become lost in literature, movies, liquor, and adventure, and just get away, like his …show more content…
Lawrence, saying she “won’t allow such filth brought into my house”, even though Tom pays the rent. Regardless of whose house he lives in, he doesn’t always seem to be there, which bothers Amanda. She claims that Tom can find adventure in his career at the warehouse, after a particularly brutal disagreement between her and Tom. But Tom can’t find these things in his so-called career, or his life. Tom states that “Man is by instinct a lover, a hunter, a fighter” and that he can’t satisfy those things at the warehouse. Amanda tells his Christian adults do not live by instinct, yet again creating another dividing difference between them. These things drive Tom even further away from his mother, until he eventually deserts them, as she continues to frown upon his nightly excursions and eating habits, much to the dismay of Laura. Laura, the other Wingfield, lives in her feeble world of glass objects that are as breakable as she is. As a slight cripple, she shies away from the world, hiding among glass unicorns and other figurines, and listening to her phonograph records. The real world unnerves her, deeming her unable to even handle typing class at Rubicam’s Business College. She couldn’t even type from nerves, her hands jittering across the keys. And when she tried to take her speed typing test, she vomited on the floor, and almost had to be carried to the washroom. While she was supposed to be in class, Laura

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