Essay Consensus vs. Urbanization

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Consensus vs. Urbanization

The process of modernization contains many elements, which work together in many ways. The two elements that I will be discussing are consensus and urbanization. Consensus is when a group or groups of people come to an agreement with each other. Urbanization is the development of cities. Consensus makes the social forces stronger. Social forces strengthen with higher levels of consensus because more people are agreeing with each other. The social forces can now begin to agree on the things they want and most likely get the things they want. More people can agree on the changes that need to be made. Urbanization affects the social forces by bringing people into closer proximity. With people in
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The process of urbanization is complex and with high levels of consensus, the people are able to cope with the changes that occur during the urbanization process a little better. Since urbanization involves the movement of people from rural and more isolated areas into an area where people are in close proximity, it is important for high levels of consensus. The people will always have different views and disagree with each other but they need to agree on a basic set of rules, which are usually determined by the political institutions. The cities created by the urbanization process bring many groups, many time groups, which are in conflict with each other, into closer proximity, and they must get along in someway. Consensus is important because the urbanization process will fail if the groups within the developing cities can not get along, they will be to busy fighting with each other that nothing will be accomplished. Urbanization makes the social structure more complex, which in turn needs a higher level of consensus. With the many groups that are usually involved in the urbanization process, they are bound to disagree about things due to varying views of the different groups. This is okay but the groups have to agree on a basic set of rules or guidelines in order to sustain a strong social structure within the urban setting. The people can have varying views of many things, but with high levels of consensus, the people and/or groups will be able to

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