Constitutional Changes Made for the Better Essay

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The contentious debate over the replacement of the U.S. Constitution has brought both joy and conflict to America abroad. Many ideals and beliefs that were unable to be settled upon by the noble drafters hundreds of years ago shall be brought back into discussion. As it is obvious that many changes have shaped America to be very different than it was in 1789, many of the principles of democracy in this great article have held up regardless. I believe that our Constitution has more than proved itself to be competent in regards to governing its people, with over 200 years without change. There are only a few aspects in which I believe the new draft of this all-governing document would benefit; to better strengthen our republican form of …show more content…
Madison articulates that the common man is not always rightly fit to govern himself, which I partially agree with. My opinion is the same about the masses of people governing themselves: people can tend to do stupid things in groups. This type of thought can be clearly seen throughout history. Why do riots happen? The riot mentality assures individuals that it’s ok to do it since everyone else is doing it. The informed checks and balances approach to this would be that the elected official would make the population’s demands more reasonable to ask of the government. The popular democracy as discussed in the Federalist Papers by Brutus as being truly representative of “the people” is obviously desirable, but not practical. Reassurance must be put into those representatives who are educated and informed on topics concerning the ideals of government to accurately reproduce and improve the common man’s experience. The educated elite should be the very people who articulate the common man’s thoughts, for why have they become educated in governing? The best of the best should be both able to identify with the people who elected them, while moving legislation to be more progressive and open minded than the people originally intended.
There are some downfalls of having a completely republican government that Brutus brings up again

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