Convention of Human Rights Essay examples

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In the last hundreds years, human beings have been suffered of many kind of arbitrary persecution and punishment. For example, slavery and servitude, in the past it was legal to buy man or women and after period of time you can sell them, so they were treat human beings as same as the goods. There was not law to protect human beings in many regional around the world. So that made some countries to think about the human rights and create a law to control these rights and to live all human beings in peace without any type of arbitrary persecution. For instance, Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, the European Convention on human rights in Roma 1950 and other kinds of conventions on human rights. These declaration and conventions …show more content…
After one year the Inter-American Court was established .

Secondly, the European Convention on Human Rights, the most important achievement of the Council of European which was established in 1949 is the European Convention on Human Rights which it was adopted in 1950 in Roma and it has been ratified by the forty- five member state of the Council of European, represent almost 800 million Europeans . In addition, the convention into force in 1953, and the executive agency of the Universal Declaration oh Human Rights .

Thirdly, the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, which it was adopted by the Assembly of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in 1981. After five year it entered into force and it has been approved by fifty-three member of the OAU . This essay will be considered the two main difference between three organization which are mentioned in the law which it protect human rights and the court to apply these laws.

There are many rights and freedoms are mentioned in the conventions of human rights such as the Inter-American Convention of Human Rights, European Convention of Human Rights and the African Charter on Human Rights. In addition, there are many differences between them about how the formulation of those rights and freedom, but it is in generally covering all the main aspect. The Right to Life is the most important right, so all conventions are mentioned this rights, because they believe the

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