Criminal Justice Codes of Ethics Essay

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Since the 1800’s, the main duties of a uniformed police officer revolved around carrying out patrols and investigations into crimes (, 2011a). A usual patrol involves the officers either walking on foot or using vehicles travel around neighborhoods as a way of deterring criminal activities (, 2011a).
The investigative part of a police officer’s work usually comes in when a suspect of the case at hand has not been identified (, 2011a). Usually, the detective has to sift through some evidence so as to identify the leads to the suspect. Finally, there are special activities that require specialized law enforcement personnel to carry out. These activities include traffic control and drug control
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Covering up this wrong is tantamount to abetting corruption. This is unethical. One good example of the code of ethics that an officer in the criminal justice system has to follow is embodied in the Criminal Justice Codes of Ethics of the United States. An officer has to swear that he or she shall be honest in carrying out his or her duties (“Criminal Justice Codes of Ethics”, n.d.). The Department of Justice has also outlined that one of the ways that misconduct within the police force can be fought is through reporting it (US Department of Justice, 2001). Failure to report any misconduct of any nature committed by a fellow officer would lead to my punishment (US Department of Justice, 2001). Therefore, the best option I would take would be to report the accident as it happened and also to report the participants of the cover-up.

This course of action will not attract a little ridicule from my fellow officers. However, if you look at the professional requirements for one to be an officer, honesty features prominently. Regardless of the experience that the deputy chief has, he has to face the law for the errors that he has committed.

The ethical considerations here are tied to the error that the deputy chief has committed. Should I take part in the scheme to cover up the accident against my professional values? Is it ethical for the lieutenant to use his position to save the deputy

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