D & B Beauty Bar Essay

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Business Description:
D & B Beauty Bar is a unique beauty salon located at 108 E. Hersey in Ashland Oregon, two blocks from downtown Ashland. Although there are 172 listing for beauty salons and 52 listing for barbershops in Ashland alone, our shop will offer the unique experience of being pampered and enjoying a refreshing drink of your choice compliments of our staff. We will be offering “One” complimentary drink of the client’s choice from a list of fine wines, beers, Pepsi products, and water. All drinks will be in bottles to help prevent hair getting into the drinks and spillage.
Alcohol will be offered and served to our over age 21 clients but not sold. This will still require us to have a “Limited on-Premises Sales
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Non-Alcoholic drink will be available for purchase (Oregon Licenses).
Each haircut will consist of a shampoo, cut and style and each appointment will last up to 30 minutes allowing each client to receive a scalp massage during shampooing with our specialty products. Three beauticians will be available at all times to make sure each client gets the time they deserve. Our cost of the beverages will be hidden in the cost of the haircut.
Social Media and E-Commerce Strategy: With the software (which will be discussed later) that we choose to use, we will have available for use a web page designed to fit our needs along with an on-line appointment sheet showing available time that our clients can book for appointments. Facebook is a popular way of advertising; we will use it as another way of an outreach programs to our clients and future clients. The best way of gaining clients is through word of mouth so a comment forum on Facebook is a great way of free advertising. For our non-internet clients we will also be running ads or specials on the radio and in the local newspapers.
Data Processing Needs: When deciding what software program to use, two very qualified programs designed for use with Salons were compared and the results are listed below (Emicor) (Vagaro): EMICOR VAGARO Web Based Web Based $49.00 $45.00
Process Accounting & Payroll X X
Schedule Appointments
Automatically send out Email Notification
Barcode Scan

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