"Dead Beat" Dads? Essay

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In this essay, authors J. Michael Bailey and Kiira Triea try to disprove the “feminine essence theory” which they consider to be a misconception of transsexuals. Using research from Ray Blanchard, a University of Toronto professor and sexologist who performed extensive studies on male-to-female transsexuals, the authors explain transsexuals are being part of two separate groups. According to them, a transsexual may either be a homosexual transsexual or an autogynephilic transsexual. Autogynephilia is a term coined by Ray Blanchard and is defined as “inner-directed heterosexuality. That is, autogynephilic males are like heterosexual men, except that their primary sexual attraction is to the image or idea of themselves as women” (Bailey). …show more content…
This shows that the social body is often more important than the sexual body and shows that not all transitioning is phallo-centric” (Chilwane). This piece of the review is extremely important to my research because it contradicts the theories proposed by J. Michael Bailey and Kiira Triea that transsexuality is autogynephilic. The review’s focus on the social treatment of transsexuals is also quite important to me as it helps to validate my thesis.

This paper written by Isabel Hargreaves and Kenny Midence covers many different factors of research concerning the psychological and social adjustment in male-to-female transsexuals. This paper summarizes the “recent research on surgical outcomes has provided important information” (Hargreaves) and attempts to “incorporate research findings into the development of psychological treatments to improve the quality of life for transsexuals” (Hargreaves). This paper also clarifies exactly what GID entails. The authors have split the diagnosis for Gender Identity Disorder into three different categories: “GID of childhood, dual role transvestism, and transsexualism” (Hargreaves), within these categories is three separate traits which must accompany a diagnosis for gender identity disorder. This information is relevant to my research because these categories make identification and classification simpler.

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