Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas Essay

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Odd What does it take to make a human who they are? What influences affect each person in this spinning world of ours? Is it the parents and how much love each applies to raising an individual? Is it the environment to which they are born into? Humans are unpredictable at best, and when someone says they have humans figured out, they are proven wrong. We are creatures of habit who are never the same because of the very influences around us. In Dean Koontz’s book Odd Thomas a young man’s life is laid bare before us. The book’s protagonist is a 20 year old named Odd Thomas. Odd is fry cook at a diner, in a small town in California called Pico Mundo. His life is described as pretty normal except Odd has the ability to see dead …show more content…
Instead of looking to comfort her child she bore a gun to silence him. She wasn’t looking to kill him, but threatened to kill herself if the young child did not comply (Koontz 376). As Odd explains, “Her threats to kill herself always earned my silence, my obedience” (Koontz 376). Even in this his grandmother refused to interfere. Odd surmises that his Granny Sugars feared his mother (Koontz 381). Odd lets us know that when growing up his “chief characteristics of his childhood were loneliness” (Koontz 372). This means his parental influences were beyond which a normal person deals with. Dealing with loneliness and the ability to see dead people, one can only imagine how mentally strong this child had to become just to be able to survive in this environment. Through his life Odd does encounter some amazing people that provide him a positive role model. Terri Strambaugh is Odds boss and owner of the Pico Mundo Grill. As Odd puts it she is “the vision of an angle, for she sees through you and knows your truest heart” (Koontz 50). Terri gives Odd a chance and mentors him as a fry cook (Koontz 40). This little bit of faith helps Odd stay on the positive side of everything. It also helps out that she has an obsession with Elvis Pressley and that Odd can see Elvis as his ghost lingers in Pico Mundo (Koontz 50). Terri knows a little about Odds abilities and it helps him have a mother figure

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