Death penalty Essay

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I believe that capital punishment has its benefits and can prevent murders when used and understood correctly.
     The death penalty given to people judged to have committed extremely heinous crimes such as murder has been a practice since before the beginning of Christianity.
Since the 1800s most executions have resulted from convictions for murder. The United
States is the only Western industrialized nation that still proceeds in capital punishment.
War crimes, spying and murder are the only three offenses that have the possible penalty of the death sentence. In recent years, capital punishment has become a very controversial issue in the United States and other countries.
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     Abolitionists say that there are alternatives to the death penalty. It is in their opinion that life in prison without parole serves well. Which it does, if you ignore all the murders criminals commit within the prison when they kill prison guards and other inmates, and also when they kill innocent citizens if they should escape. This is why for people who truly value public safety, like myself; there is no substitute for the best in its defense, which is capital punishment. Once a murderer is put to death, he or she is not able to kill again.
     Another argument against capital punishment is the combating of violence with more violence, or that “you can not fight fire with fire.” The problem with this is that there is a difference between violence and law-enforcement.
     Some people ask: “Why do we kill people to show that killing is wrong?”
Therefore setting executions equivalent to murder. The term murder is specifically defined as the crime of unlawfully killing a person. So, logically, the word murder cannot be used to describe executions since the death penalty is the law. Secondly, comparing execution to murders is like comparing a policeman speeding after a speeder to enforce speeding laws. Nineteenth-century English philosopher and reformer John Stuart Mill,

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