Deforestation in Africa Essay

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Deforestation is a growing problem in Africa due to the household communities’ dependency to use wood for fuel to prepare their daily meals, or to sell in charcoal made from wood in order to buy food for their families and survive. For most households in Africa, the use of wood to make charcoal is their way of life. Without this resource, it would make it difficult for them to survive. Their dependency for wood increases during drought season and flooding and leaves them dependent for wood to use as fuel. Their dependency on wood for fuel is not only destroying the forest, but also the natural resources. Helping the people of Africa implement the use of biomass as an alternative form of energy help reduce deforestation and protect …show more content…
Reducing or eliminating the need to cut down trees for fuel will slow down the deforestation and allow the forest a chance to replenish, rebuild and retain its natural resource. It is of great importance to save the forest because “…without trees, the rains turn to floods, and wash away the soil and its minerals, so with no crops to sell because of drought and floods, and with no electricity because of clogged rivers and high prices, many people feed their families by cutting down trees for charcoal” (Kamkwamba and Mealer 82). As the population in Africa rise, there will be an increase of dependency on wood for charcoal; this will have a detrimental affect on the environment. If we allow deforestation to continue, we are not only allowing our environment to suffer, but we are also allowing the destruction of our natural resources. The wildlife, our future generations to come, as well as our very own “life is threatened if natural resources are not protected…” (Mtika, par. 2). Protecting our natural environment and natural resources will also protect our lives. It is vital to take protective measure to ensure the preservation of the environment and natural resources. The of the use of biomass as an alternative energy to preserve the natural resource as it is beneficial to use a source that is

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