Degradation of Women In Media Today Essay

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Degradation of Women In Media Today

The media has degraded women by portraying them in negative ways. The media has allowed women to be looked at as weak, vulnerable, powerless, sexual beings, and etc.. In our society today perspectives are based off of messages seen in mass media. In the past media was used for supporting and promoting consumerism. Also, in our society today people are allowing the messages of media to influence their judgement and perspectives. Mass media mainly harms and effects women because it creates negative perceptions of women that can be seen daily. This paper will show how the media has degraded the portrayal of women and the effects it has on society.

Mass media is a method of
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Mass media is destroying the perspectives of our society because its extremely quick messages are many times embedded into this societies perceptions about women. Advertisements are making people equal to the products they purchase. These products “are given an exchange value,” and the descriptions of these products “are translated into

statements about who we are and who we aspire to become” (Gill 50). This turns a person’s identity into a product instead of the normal emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Without an identity a person has no self worth or respect from society. An identity distinguishes you from everyone else. The media can take an identity and transform it into a product or a piece of property. When this action takes place in the media a persons identity can be destroyed and they are then perceived in a negative way. This can be very dangerous to people, women especially, because society will usually take what the see about what people are and what people should be as the complete truth. Identity is the basis of humanity and when it is stolen or changed by the media humanity is pretty much stripped away. Although the media tries to portray everyone, the level of

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