Democracy and Modernism: Country Examples Essay

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It has been really an wonderful week learning about one of the most controversial country of the modern time, Iran, because of its rigidity towards the Nuclear program and Shariah law thus result to continuous violation of human rights. Yet we all have to admit it the journey of Iran had been full of struggle because of inefficient ruler and thus lead to fall in economic, social and political aspect of the people over the course of history. The current status of Iran have both ups and down but it is economy, at the end of the day, which makes all the difference to the acceptance of a particular approach by the people.

The impact of modernity is multidimensional to the traditional societies. The main appealing factor of modernity what I
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Egypt and Bangladesh:
Though the Arab revolution have brought democracy in Egypt but it brought fundamentalists Muslim Brotherhood in to power. Who went for ignoring women suffrage, which is a traditional element. The context of Bangladesh is very critical. Over there people have voted for the fundamentalist party Jaamat-E-Islami Bangladesh since the introduction of Parliamentary democracy in 1991. This lead to holding of ministry by them and rise of Islamic militants and huge number of suicidal and bomb attacks over mass people from 2001 to 2006. It is to be mentioned that these party formed those people who were against the liberation of the state and worked with the opposing Pakistani forces proving their solidarity and adherence to Islamic principles yet they are still and active factor in politics.

Mainly I wanted to show that the first and most important challenge that modernity brings to traditional societies is confusion. It is about what to choose and what to leave. It is to be remembered that these people lack of reasoning because of lack of education. Secondly, religion works well in the mind of those people who are vulnerable. Thus secular educations, women participation in economic activities, secular courts, man-made penal codes and constitutions etc. brings treat to the traditional communities where it becomes very hard for people to adapt it. Further the fundamentalists and traditional clergy try to manipulate those

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