Denial of Human Rights in Egypt Essays

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In the United States we enjoy religious and political freedoms that are not always practiced in other countries of the world. In fact in Egypt there is no tolerance for opposing viewpoints and diverse religious beliefs. These polarized views have often times led to violent behavior. In 2004, members of the Islamic extremists bombed the Hilton Taba hotel in Egypt which killed 34 tourists in hopes of destabilizing Egypt (Omer…). For years the Islamic extremists have been terrorizing and violating the rights of the Egyptian people, as well as innocent bystanders that have come to visit Egypt. The government granted special powers to the military leaders to try to stop these attacks on their people; but, in doing so, they have created …show more content…
The 1981 emergency military law that gave the military control of Egypt expired on May 31, 2012. The government held an election and elected a new parliament that contained mainly Islamic people. Dissatisfied with the result, Egypt’s Justice Ministry stepped in and restored the emergency law, completely bypassing any parliamentarian involvement. The Supreme Constitutional Court went so far as to rule that the entire parliament was invalid and forced them to disband. Egypt tried to form a democracy by holding a democratic presidential election in which Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood won the presidential election with 51.73% of the votes. The Secretary of State for the United States of America, Hillary Clinton, met with Mohamed Morsi and reaffirmed Washington's support for Egypt's transition to a democratic civilian government. Even though President Morsi, after winning the election, resigned from the Muslim Brotherhood, as required by law, the policies he enacted were met with massive protests. These protests prompted the military to issue him an ultimatum requiring him to meet the demands of the protesters and bring peace to the country or face the consequences. When Morsi failed to meet the requirements by the military’s deadline, the military removed him from power and imprisoned him (“Chronology: Egypt…”). Unfortunately, the removal of the

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