Designing Student-Centered Assessments Essay

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PLAN: Criteria for a Student-Centered Exam For the PDSA cycle I am going to use individual journal entries because they are engaging and interactive to every student, and they are a great tool in reflecting on what each student has learned in the lesson. “Student-centered assessments must be engaging and interactive, while incorporating sharing, trusting, team building, reflecting, helping and coaching.”(Pitas, 2000) The students will be given the freedom to write anything that is on their mind and the students will answer three questions that will help generate well thought out answers. The students will write at the very least a paragraph for each day they are learning a lesson.
PLAN: Student-Centered Assessment The
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My students will go back through their journal writings at the end of each week and then see if their questions on their deficiencies have been answered. Hopefully, by doing this, we can have a discussion at the end of the week and discuss what we need to re-learn and what do we feel very confident and why.
DO: Pilot Group The students that I did this cycle with were students in my geometry class, more specifically my second period geometry class. This class is a good mix of students with different levels of academic ability and a very good class all-in-all. The gender is an even mix of male and female, the nationality is pretty good with most students being white. There are a couple of students who do require IEP’s to help with their math, mostly photo copies of the notes and extra time taking assessments. The students ask questions in this class all the time and do a great job of answering guiding questions in the note stage of their learning. These students show their work on their assignments, and expand on questions on the worksheets that ask for their opinions. When I gave them the journal entry assignment for this unit, my students asked questions so they knew what was expected of them and wanted to know the reason for doing this. When they were explained the reason

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