Different Perceptions of Othello Essay

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Through the consideration of different perceptions of Othello I have augmented my understanding of Othello. My perceptions have changed over the changing contexts of the times. The Aristolean model is used as the template for the play and can be read in many ways such as Racist, Feminist and Post-Colonial readings.

The Aristolean Model or Notion of Tragedy can be defined as “an imitation of an action that is serious, complete possessing magnitude; in embellished language;” Othello is a perfect example of an Aristolean model as it involves the tragic flaw or hamartio of Othello which is the centre of the entire play. The story must begin with the good fortune or status of the main character for it to be an Aristolean model, in this
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This view is very flimsy and can only be used to explain parts of Iago’s actions; this is because Iago states his motive at the start of the play “But partly led to diet my revenge,” Even though a Marxist view of the play has severe plot holes it provides a different perspective for the play to be read and helps augment an overall view of the production. This idea can be continued on for the other perceptions such as the feminist view. Shakespeare has been considered a man several hundred years ahead of his time by people such as Findlay, however Findlay did not take into consideration that Shakespeare was catering towards the female side of the audience. This can be seen through Emilia’s speech to Desdemona about the rights that women have in marriages. “Yet we have some revenge”, during the Shakespearean Era this was considered quite controversial for women to be talking about revenge against their husbands. The feminist look at the play too has flaws, much like the Marxist version. This is because the society in Othello is one where men are in charge, rather than the women. Women are also treated much like objects which goes against all ideas of feminism. “Look to your house, your daughter and your bags”. These two concepts have helped to augment the modern day view of this Shakespearian play.

The most obvious concept covered by the play, is the idea of a mixed race play. During the Shakespearian Era this was considered very odd for a “white” man to be

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