Direct Marketing and Avon Beauty Products Essay

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Direct marketing

The definition of DM is very complicated but it is simply selling a product or service via direct advertising sent through the mail, and also via several Internet promotion methods. The direct selling method enables the consumers to bypass inefficient wholesale and retail distribution systems. Women who left business in order to have children is able to do part time business, and also a very attractive career for woman reentering the work force. According to the “Direct selling Assosiation”, 1,230,000 women engaged in direct selling in 19924.

The direct marketing allows building and maintaining a direct, one-to-one method relationship between a company and its customer, and users of its products or services. In
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In Japan for example there was a sale of 22.4 billion dollars and 3 billions each in France and the UK in 19931.

Avon has also invaded the Asian market, and in 1990 they had 10,000 door-to-door sellers, or the so-called “Avon girls”. They sold for more than 200 million dollars 2. Japan has become one of Avon’s main targets, and the sales numbers and stats tell us why. In 1993 over 50% of the 51.8 million Japanese women aged over 15 years were employed on part time basis. They earn a lot lower salaries then the men, but they prefer more flexible working work schedule before high pay. This allows them to spend more time at home and with their kids. The annual household expenders were above US$260,00. It also makes us understand much easier when we know that makeup products in Japan are associated with status, image and dreams. The Japanese woman also believe that they have a very sensitive skin and that they require highly scientific products especially made for them by Japanese manufacturers two understand their needs better.

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