Disney's Merger with Marvel Comics: Will Marvel Suffer from this Merge?

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“Disney Bought Marvel!” a headline on the financial page of the Nashua Telegraph screams. Disney, although renowned for bringing wondrous stories to light, won’t do as good a job as some people seem to think. Most people believe that Disney is a blessing for Marvel Comics, but they are sadly mistaken. Since the Fifties, Marvel Comics has built an amazing comic and graphic novel company from the ground up. Unfortunately, Disney has taken what many people have come to know and love and changed it into something different. Because of Disney’s clean image of love, peace, and joy and because of many promises made by Marvel to fans, stockholders, and certain film companies, this deal will not work and should be reversed. In 1954, Stan Lee …show more content…
So, the shareholders ended up losing around $20 per share. Some people were entrusting their money into Marvel to grow and expand, but now they can’t. Also, “Shares of Disney were down 3 %” (Goldman). So, now the share holders that may want to go over and invest in Disney are now going to get less than the average for the other shareholders. It’s been, roughly, nine months since the buy out and nothing positive has come out of it. Marvel should never have sold itself to Disney (Clark). Unfortunately for Marvel fans, as a result of this merge, they left their love of the great industry at the door along with their stocks. “I have a bad feeling about this…,” a fan of the Marvel industry said, “…the Punisher and Wolverine owned by the Mouse?” (Goldman). Disney has been known for its squeaky-clean image of peace, love and joy towards the younger kids, but now…It seemed like to all the fans, that Disney is going to soften up the comics to make it more appealing to younger boys. If one were to look at the statistics, most of the comic book readers today, not just Marvel fans, are people in their twenties (Cordabo). This would be a complete disaster. Just look on Youtube and one can see many, many rants on the “Disney bought Marvel” topic. The comics may increase in quality as they will be mass produced, but do the fans care: no. Marvel has commitments with the companies it is partnered with as well, specifically the movie companies. Marvel had many

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