Dr. Sakiz Right Vs. Right Essay

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The “Defining Moments: When Managers Must Choose Between Right and Right” written by Joseph L. Badaracco Jr. real life situation, involves the manufacturing and marketing of RU-486, the French abortion pill. The real life situation, involved various stakeholder groups in a decision of manufacturing and marketing the French abortion pill; Roussel-Uclaf a pharmaceutical company, and Dr. Sakiz were making the decision. Dr. Sakiz was a physician with a longstanding personal commitment to RU-486. He would make the final decisions on the introduction of the drug. Dr. Sakiz helped in developing the chemical compound; on which RU-486 was based. “In a business context, customers, investors and shareholders, employees, suppliers, government …show more content…
The industry might loss, for the fact that anti-abortion groups would mount an international; boycott of products made by Roussel-Uclaf and Hoechst, the German chemical giant that was Roussel-Uclaf’s largest shareholder. Hoechst, which owned 55 percent of Roussel-Uclaf, also made strong ethical claims on the company. Its chairman was a devout Roman Catholic, who opposed abortion on moral grounds and had repeatedly stated his position in public. A successful boycott would cost the two companies far more than they would earn from RU 486. At worst, a boycott could imperil Roussel-Uslaf’s survival, for it was a relatively small company. These stakeholders all have the basic value one of the teleological philosophies, it is utilitarian in nature, “utilitarianism is concerned with consequences, but the utilitarian seeks the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Utilitarians believe that they should make decisions that result in the greatest total utility, that achieve the greatest benefit for all those affected by a decision” (Ferrell 31-156).
The only one that defers from the stakeholder groups discussed so far, the only exception is the anti-abortion groups. These groups’ basic values involve, aborting a fetus is the same as killing a person even though; it’s not actually born yet. Fetus: a vertebrate at any stage of

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