Druids Essay

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     During the Anglo-Saxon period, magic was often practiced among several different classes of people in their own ways. It was considered sinful but its power was always believed in. Their knowledge of magic was first sought out from the biblical story, The Three Wise Men. According to one legend, the men who visited baby Jesus were astrologers who located him by magic use of the stars. The Bible has many ferences to magic, sorcery, and witchcraft. Since religion was valued during the Anglo-Saxon period, the Bible held the laws to their lives. Church authorities tried to ban witchcraft but people in many parts of the world continued to practice witchcraft as a religion. From the Anglo-Saxon
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On this occasion they would rally in solemn conclave, in the most central part of the district, to discharge the judicial functions of their order. It was a forerunner of today's Halloween and was considered a dangerous time. It was then that the barriers between this world and the next were temporarily removed, allowing spirits and mortals to cross back and forth between the two realms.

     Historians believe that the ancient Druids performed human sacrifices. Some remains of executions have been found in the archeological record, but it is not obvious whether the victims were killed during religious rituals or to carry out the sentence of a court. Chronicles credited all kinds of powers to the druids. It was claimed that they could affect the weather, causing snowstorms, fog, and even showers of blood and fire. They could erase a person's memory by concocting a "drink of forgetfulness". Victories could be achieved while in a battle by casting spells over the opposing team and creating a fence that protected their own men. Also, by a magic cloak that made a warrior invisible. It was said that Druids conducted these

spells while standing on one leg, with an arm outstretched and one eye closed, imitating the posture of a heron. Clairvoyance was important to the Druids but they also used observation of their surroundings such as cloud patterns, the stars, the singing birds, etc. to see the future. Through their

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