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In the book The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler, Duddy Kravitz is the apprentice to life in order to find out the truth about himself. Different characters come in and out of Duddy's life and act as masters towards him. These people all have specific lessons to teach him, and it's up to him to either act upon what he's learned or ignore it. Duddy Kravitz is a young man whom we can say is being an apprentice to life. What he needs to do is to discover the truth about himself and how to apply it to his life. His quest through his apprenticeship is to find his true identity and to succeed in the goals that he sets for himself. By being an apprentice to life, Duddy is learning about how to be different types of people by …show more content…
Rushing into the house, he announced, "I've got the money.' " (p.304) Yvette, Duddy's girlfriend, who greatly aided Duddy in his pursuit of the dream, tries to help Duddy understand relationships. Yvette is Duddy's first serious girlfriend and, in my opinion, is very tolerant and forgiving of Duddy. She puts up with all of his faults, the way that he uses her and even helps him by going out of her way to do him favors like driving to and from Ste-Agathe constantly. In her head, she drew a line, and Duddy was finished when he crossed it. He came close many times even right at the very beginning when he tries to bribe her with money by saying, "If you promise me that I'll give you fifty dollars." (p.100) This shows that Duddy needs to learn a lot about his emotions; he has a very materialistic viewpoint on life, thinking that money brings happiness and that you can't go wrong if you're rich. So, he uses money to try and buy respect, forgiveness or whatever it might be that he's trying to win back. When Duddy finally crossed the line by such a huge margin by robbing Virgil, Yvette knows that every value she's tried to instill in Duddy was mutated and deformed by his dream which had

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