E-Commerce Essay

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The internet, the world’s largest network, connects households, consumers, businesses, and governments in over 100 countries worldwide. It is growing at a fast pace, and consequently e-commerce is growing as fast, because many operations of e-commerce are conducted over the world wide web.
E-commerce is conducting commerce electronically without producing paper. It includes buying and purchasing goods and services electronically, for example through the Internet. Due to scope of possibilities a retailer has to reach new customers and suppliers all over the world, and the time savings due to emails, e-commerce is growing at a very high pace. The article “E-commerce thrives in Canada” indicates that performing business electronically is
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Retail stores have also discovered that online purchases of customers who need to pick up (or return) goods at a retail store often triggers impulse purchases at the store. According to Jeffrey Grau, a senior analyst at eMarketer, “numerous recent consumer studies have shown that multi-channel shoppers, on average, spend more with a retailer than single-channel shoppers." In April 2006 55% of online purchases were either picked up (38%) or returned (17%) at a retail store.
In 2007, about 87% of firms in the private sector used the Internet in 2007 and 36% of private-sector firms reported using the Internet for coordination purposes with their suppliers and customers. Other motives to use the Internet were lowering costs and reaching new customers. The public sector reported similar reasons for using the Internet. Better co-ordination was reported by 59% of public-sector firms and 48% indicated cost reduction as a potential benefit as a reason to use the Internet.
The survey by J.C. Williams also shows that 73% of Canadians prefer paying with credit card online shoppers. At the same time, however, 42% of Canadians are concerned about credit card safety which formed the top barrier to online shopping. Tthey have a good reason to be concerned. Whereas EBay, for example, the world’s biggest online auction place reports that the risk that a user will face fraud is only 1 in 10,000, the FBI

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