Eddie Carbone in A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller Essay examples

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Eddie Carbone in A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

The play “A view from the bridge” is set in Red hook area of New York, the play was written by a man called Arthur Miller he wrote this particular play in 1950 at the age of 35. His parents were immigrants in the United States of America, they had lived a wealthy life this all went wrong along with the American economy. Arthur Miller worked as a warehouse man, and in order to save his fees he went to Michigan University in 1934, to study economics and history. He did a course in playwriting and this became his ambition, he graduated from Michigan University in 1938.

Eddie Carbone is the main character in the play, at the start of the
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Eddie is the tragic figure in the play because he is jealous of Catherine and at the end of the play he fights with Marco and ends up getting stabbed by his own knife which was meant to kill Marco.

At the start of the play Eddie is a very generous man everyone likes him he also was a very hardworking man for example “believe me Eddie you got a lot of credit comin to you” and “all I’m worried about is you got such a heart that ill end up on the floor with you and they’ll be in our bed”. He is respected by his family and all the people in the neighbourhood.

Eddie’s main flaw is his obsession for his niece. He tries to keep Catherine to himself because he loves her so much and because of that he is prepared to do anything to stop anyone from taking her away from him, but when she meets Rodolfo she falls in love with him. Rodolfo then tries to take Catherine away from Eddie and at this point Eddie does everything he possibly can to convince everyone that Rodolfo “aint right” Eddie gets mad and goes to Alfieri for advice. Alfieri tries to get Eddie to listen but Eddie refuses. Alfieri worries that Eddie will go and do something stupid. At this stage in the play Eddie is willing to go to any length to stop

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