Emperor Penguins Essay

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Topic: Emperor Penguins
Organization: Topically
Specific purpose: To teach my audience about an overlooked species.

I. Introduction A. Attention Getter Can you imagine living in a state of pure cold? Where the temperature is constantly sub-zero? How about an entire colony living in such conditions? This is the life of an emperor penguin. B. Relevance Everyone loves penguins. And if you don’t I will kindy have to ask you to leave. Just kidding, Everyone has seen movies centered around Penguins, however very few know much about this overlooked species. C. Credibility Statement I love emperor penguins. Well, penguins in general. Shoot, look at me keys. I don’t really know why to be quite honest. They just fascinate me. D.
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The East end of the continent is colder than the west because of its much higher elevation. The Antarctic Peninsula seems to have the most moderate climate; The highest temperatures occur in January and average slightly below freezing. This information was provided by the CIA World Factbook.

Hazards 3. Many hazards leave Antarctica to be a dangerous realm. Strong, gravity driven winds, called Katabatic winds, blow toward the coast from the high interior There are also frequent blizzards form near the foot of the plateau,and hurricanes that form over the ocean and move along the coast. If that wasn’t bad enough, there is volcanic activity on Deception Island and many isolated areas in the west. There are, on occasion, minor earthquakes however they are rare. (World Factbook)

Transition Now that we know the living conditions of penguins, let’s talk about how they actually live.

Point B. Emperor penguins live an excruciatingly active life 1. These critters endure harsh living conditions, as you all know. National Geographic tells us that they must huddle together to escape the severe winds and to conserve warmth. Each individual penguin takes a turn moving to the center of the gro. Once a penguin has warmed itself up a bit, it will move back to the outside of the group so that others can enjoy shelter from the icy weather 2. Emperor penguins spend the long winter on the open ice. They’ll even breed during this season. Females will lay an

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