Essay about English Immersion Programs: Who is Targeted?

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English Immersion Programs: Who is Targeted?

The topic of immigrant students entering not only our country but our public school systems, is slowly becoming a bigger and bigger controversy within the United States. Students are coming in from all over the world and entering our English-speaking school system without a word of English in their vocabulary. When they are thrown into the melting pot of today’s pubic schools, their presence affects so many more people than one would think. My belief that English immersion should replace bilingual programs can be correlated with three main groups all taking opposing stances on my argument. The three primarily affected groups are the immigrant students themselves, today’s workforce, and
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Without thorough knowledge of English, these students have no chance of a promising career or any ability to an adaptive lifestyle. “I feel I know a bit of English and I like to study English I like for them to teach me English” (Valdés 66). Lilian, one of the subject students reviewed in Valdés’ study of immigrant high school students, expresses her want to learn English and to understand it. She obviously knows that in order to make it past high school she will need to be equipped with the proper tools for making it on her own; the most important tool being English comprehension. In addition to needing English after high school and throughout life, immigrant teens need to have some knowledge of English in their high school years for socialization skills. Adolescence is the key point in a students life when they are discovering who they are and what kind of person they are trying to be. If they spend all their time trying to learn American history in a language they do not even understand, how will their social skills suffer? Building proper social skills for life is one of the most important things for students to learn, English and immigrants alike. The students would most likely agree that they would benefit from English immersion placement to be with other students like themselves in a similar social realm and so that they can learn and comprehend English to the point that they can soon

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