Epic of Gilgamesh and Book of Genesis of the Holy Bible Essay

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Epic of Gilgamesh and the Book of Genesis


History tells us that since we have been able to write, our human

race has had the habit of recording historical tales, or stories.  Most of

the first stories were tales of heroic men, scouring their land in search

of some noble prize.  These stories are known as epics, and they give us an

excellent idea of the lifestyles and basic thought processes of early

humans.  Along the lines of these epics are the accounts told in the Bible,

especially those in the Old Testament.  As with the epics, these legends

give us some spiritual idea of the beginning of time and the accounts of

early man.  If we compare the stories and characters of the
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      The main character in the epic is Gilgamesh.  He is an extremely

powerful and beautiful man, created by the gods.  He is given human-like

qualities such as fear, sorrow, mortality, and thirst for knowledge but all

in all he behaves like a god.  He fights everything that gets in his way

and sleeps with every woman he desires.  It is not until his lone friend

and companion, Enkidu, dies that he begins to feel scared.  He wants to

live forever, so he sets out to find a means to do so.  He soon finds that

immortality is impossible for, although he was created by gods, he cannot

be one of them.


      Abraham was an important character in the book of Genesis.  Unlike

Gilgamesh, he was born a normal human, and grew up in the same way.  God

kept in contact with him, telling him that his offspring would be numerous.

It was thought that Abraham's wife was barren, so he had a child with her

slave, and named it Ishmael.  However, Abraham and his wife were visited by

some wise men who told them that she would soon produce a child. 

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