Ethics in Business Essay example

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Northcentral's Mission Statement, Vision, and Values statement conveys that the institution and all of its personnel are committed to facilitating the learner's success in business, as well as, out in the world. Northcentral is an opportunity to gain enlightenment and wisdom. The professors are trained in their personal careers and deliver their knowledge to the learners. It is also a learning experience for the professors as they learn from their students.
The University as a whole facilitates learning by giving all the tools necessary to be successful, however, the students must do their part, too. It is crucial to success, to attain a high grade point average and maintain it. Granted, it is not easy with the everyday trials and
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There are many hurdles to face when going to college, such as, class posts, teamwork, homework and research. A learner may feel pressured to get everything done on time, but if a schedule is made and adhered to, there should not be any problems. By being ethical, you create a form of trust. These are the types of people we would like to see running our businesses and our country. According to Linda Trevino of Business Roundtable, if one is ethical in school, it is likely that they will be ethical in their lives. Ethics are rules one lives by and are part of the fabric that binds us to our society. One must lead by example and in the business world if one lives by these rules, chances are that their employees will do the same. One will find that if the leaders are ethical the employees will be too and they will respond by being honest and loyal while their productivity excels. Failure to employ ethics results in corruption. Ethics help to make good decisions; therefore, you must have will power. One's will power is certainly tested in college due to all the rigorous deadlines and such. When one accomplishes a degree it feels wonderful to know it was accomplished without taking shortcuts, such as, cheating or copying. The decisions we make do not just affect us, but the people around us. If everyone took the time to actually think about what they say and do BEFORE they do it, life would be good with a lack of hatred and resentment. Everything one does

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