Euclid and the Birth of Euclidean Geometry Essay

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Euclid and the Birth of Euclidean Geometry

     The ancient Greeks have contributed much to the development of the Western World as we know it today. The Greeks questioned all and yearned for the answers to many of life’s questions. Their society revolved around learning, which allowed them to devote the majority of their time to enlightenment. In answering their questions, they developed systematic activities such as philosophy, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, and a great deal more. Socrates (469-399 BC) was an ancient Greek philosopher whose ideas mark the turning point in the history of knowledge and formal thought. Plato (428-347:348 BC) one of Socrates students founded the Academy. The Academy was key
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Conics, Porisms, Psiedese, and Surface Loci are lost works attributed to Euclid. These four works are the link between elementary geometry, and higher mathematics. Catoptrica explains the theory of mirrors and brought about Euclid’s Elements of Music. Elements of Music is a brief excursion into the uses of mathematics in music and sound.

     Euclid’s most important works are summarized in the Elements, which consists of 13 detailed books. Elements presents all of the Greek geometrical knowledge of Euclid’s day in a logical fashion. These books give us a little insight into Euclid and were designed and are used as learning tools. Including theorems and constructions of plane geometry, solid geometry theory of proportions, incommensurable, commensurable, number theory, and the basis for what is known as geometrical algebra. Proclus (Greek Philosopher) defined Elements as “those theorem whose understanding leads to knowledge of the rest.” Elements is a detailed explanation of geometric shapes, and measurements using the number theory. The impact of the Elements has been so great that translated forms are widely studied today. Since Euclid based his entire geometric study on points, straight lines, and circles, his work leaves three main geometrical questions open. The three famous problems left unsolved were squaring a

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